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Wednesday 2 October 2013

The Prettiest PJs from Princesse Tam Tam

In my fantasy world where I spend my days slinking around my Parisian apartment, I'm obviously going to be wearing Princesse Tam Tam underwear. There are many many reasons why this vision is doomed to remain a fantasy, not least that Princesse Tam Tam's delicate bras don't fit my determinedly British bosom.

So I was delighted to see their Clin d'oeil eyelash top in the excellent I-Spied column. If I can't wear the bras, I can at least indulge in their nightwear. Why, yes, I do want those tassels dangling from my chest actually. While completely chaste in fit and looking deliciously comfortable in fabric, this top pulls off the feat of managing to look saucier than the majority of my sleepwear. It's a sharp-intake-of-breath worthy £53.30 from ASOS but I think it might be able to justify that price.

There's plenty more things on the Princess Tam Tam website I'd be proud to wear all night and, in fact, all of the day. This Piaf jacket (ah, what an enjoyably French name!), for example, is a double for this blouse from Jigsaw I wrote about a few years back. The jacket is priced at £53.

Here's the accompany Piaf trousers - available for £49 - and you can pick up shorts or a camisole in the same pretty pattern. Sizing, like their bras, isn't particularly generous and varies item to item. At its best, it ranges from a size 6 up to a 16 - petite girls take note.

I would wear this Irina shirt a lot, and probably with my jeans when the post person calls around and I *cough* may not have got dressed yet. It's £40.

And, woah, look at the awesome sleeves on the Alex chemise, available for £65. While the website blurb recommends you "wear it as you snuggle up with a book", I think this top is clearly destined for when you want to dance around your bedroom to Kate Bush. It would look just lovely accessorised with a hairbrush microphone.

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  1. Those bow pajamas are great. I'd definitely opt for the trousers!


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