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Thursday 31 October 2013

Top Ten Halloween Recipes

Double, double, toil and trouble... Yup, it's that time again! Halloween is the perfect excuse to gorge yourself on way too many sweets, dress in your best costumes, spend all your money on spooky accessories and, of course, eat and drink as much Halloween-themed food and cocktails as possible! 

Glow-in-the-dark ghost cakes are an absolute must this Halloween. Laura B's clever cakes have left us wanting all of our food to glow in the dark! We'll start with these gorgeous ghosties and see how it goes from there, though. Laura H's Halloween cake is a chocolate orange, spiderwebby treat with a fun chequerboard design lurking inside. 

If cakes are a bit tricky to transport (splattered-on-the-inside-of-a-box cakes are scary for the wrong reasons), try these brilliant bat biscuits instead.

If you dare, try serving some Vodka Nightmare cocktails tonight. It's a vodka and milk cocktail that you drink through a fiery chilli; it's a chilling, thrilling mixture of sensations that you have experience at least once. For the more feint-hearted, there's the Dra-Kahlua, a black-as-night cocktail with the flavour of chocolate orange. While we're summoning the spirits, The Coffin Liner is a devilish cocktail complete with wooden stake and heart. And make sure you try our boozy eyeball jellies.

Not into the whole Halloween spectacle? We're got some less overtly sinister snacks that you can enjoy without buying into the tacky plastic-skeletonishness of the day. Our spiced treacle carrot cake is broodingly dark, but not obviously eerie (and it's downright delicious). Have you tried caranutter pie yet? If this delight still awaits you, now it the time to submit to the salty-sweet wonder that is peanut butter and caramel (spider decorations are optional!)

Now for the age-old conundrum: what do you do with all of your leftover pumpkin? This pumpkin, orange and fig cake uses grated raw pumpkin and is and ideal use for the innards of your giant carved lantern. Pumpkin doughnut-muffins are a seriously great pumpkin-y snack. If you've gone pumpkin crazy, check out our top ten pumpkin recipes.

As well as being All Hallow's Eves, 31st October is also the start of the Mexican Dia de Muertos celebrations, so you could always mark the occasion with some Day of the Dead macarons. At sunset tonight, the Gaelic Samhain festivities begin. This means that you'd be completely justified in pigging out on Cranachan and winter spice shortbread.

Want more recipe inspiration? Check out the rest of our top ten recipe compilations.


  1. Those eyes in the first picture are truly hideous!!!

    1. Hehe! They're supposed to be! Luckily, they taste better than eyeballs.

  2. Ooo....those are some awesome goodies. I'm off to go check out the chocolate orange cake and caranut pie. Yum!


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