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Monday 28 October 2013

Girl, Put Your Records On: Crosley's Floral Turntables

Is there a word for the feeling of immense longing one gets when faced with a floral-patterned record player? Because there should be. Let's make one up. What about florturntabulation? 

I experienced a major bout of florturntabulation the other day while I was noodling around Urban Outfitters' record player section looking at Crosley turntables, something I do with alarming regularity considering I have a perfectly functioning, perfectly beautiful Crosley turntable at home already. It transpires, however, that mine has a flaw - it isn't smothered in blowsy blooms. 

The Crosley Keepsake turntable shown above is the same model as mine (navy leatherette, tweed, gorgeous, NOT COVERED IN BLUE FLOWERS HARRUMPH) so I can vouch for it making nice noises - depending on your choice of tunes, of course, but needless to say my musical taste is impeccable. It does all kinds of jazzy things with digital files and USBs and whatnot, but to be honest I can't tell you much about them because I only use mine to play records. If I'm going to go analogue, I'm going to do it properly. 

The record player closes like a suitcase, making it portable and space-saving, not to mention bloody pretty. It's not a great whopping thing like some turntables, which means it's perfect for my teeny-weeny flat. At £160, it's something you'll probably need to save up for, but if you're in the market for a nice new record player, this is the perfect combination of style and substance at a reasonable price. 

Smaller - and cheaper! - still is this Crosley pink floral mini turntable. It's £150 and ever so gorgeous. I love the pattern, and the colour, but I do wish that the floral design continued on the inside of the lid like the Keepsake model above. Let's have a wee swoon at it all fastened up, though:

MEGA-GREAT. It's like something a Sylvanian Family would own. In fact, this is definitely the record player the Sylvanian Caravan would have, if the Sylvanian Caravan were a real, life-sized thing - which, let's face it, we all wish it was.

Have I given you a case of florturntabulation? I do hope so. I can't justify buying another turntable, so I'm relying on you to get one instead. And just think! You'll be able to trawl charity shops for gems like this:

What did I tell you? Impeccable musical taste. 

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  1. Laura, I can confirm you've given me a severe case of florturntabulation.


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