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Monday 28 October 2013

Rob Ryan x Tatty Devine

We love it when our favourite designers get together. Remember how we dialled up the excitement to 11 when we found out Coco Fennell and Karen Mabon were courting? Get ready to crank that dial to twelvety-million because our favourites Rob Ryan and Tatty Devine have collaborated on a beautiful jewellery collection. Rob's signature papercuts have been translated into gorgeous, hand-crafted pieces that I guarantee you will fall in love with.

Let's start with this rose gold crown of hearts ring. I've already seen one lady on Rob's Facebook page declare this will be her wedding ring, and you can see why: it's delicate, beautiful and has more character than most wedding bands.

Each piece comes in silver, gold and rose gold. This 'I Dream Of Asking You' bracelet looks prettiest in silver, with romantic secrets printed on the outside and inside.

I was a bit 'whatevs' about these 'Keep It Safe' earrings til I realised the bit was heart-shaped, and then I suddenly couldn't wait to shove them through my lobes. Simple, subtle, yet totally Rob Ryan.

This 'Forever Love Forever' ring could be another wedding ring. Or if, like me, the other warm body in your bed is a cat, just buy it for yourself. If you need more persuasion, then remember each piece comes in a deluxe Tatty Devine box with a print signed by Rob, and Harriet and Rosie of Tatty Devine.

I've saved the best til last: the 'Every Beat of My Heart' necklace. Classic Rob Ryan text meets typical Tatty Devine decoration.

The sixteen piece collection is currently only available from Selfridges, who are currently being a bit slack about putting it all online (come, Selfridges, sort it out). Thankfully, you can coo over the whole lot on Pinterest and you'll be able to buy it from Rob Ryan and Tatty Devine in the new year, so save your Christmas money for it. Prices start at £125 and go up to £675 for the gold 'Every Beat Of My Heart' necklace.


  1. I'm still trying to decide whether I hate you or love you for showing this in my life...

    1. Hee hee! I'm still trying to work out whether I'm happy or infuriated that I know of its existence...

  2. Full range now online.....

    Be still my beating heart-this range is beautiful!


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