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Wednesday 30 October 2013

Stichin' Kitchen Accessories

Celebrations are in order people, after 3 long months of waiting my kitchen ceiling has finally been fixed! Since July there has been a dirty great big hole decorating one half of the ceiling when it had the temerity to go and fall down. One of the best things about renting is when stuff goes wrong, somebody else comes and fixes it (which I love). One of the worst things is when they don't. For. Three. Bleeding. Months.

But that's all water under the plasterboard bridge because I can now cook again without fear of lumps of concrete dropping into the goulash! And I'm after some gorgeous tidbits to re-christen my favourite room in the flat. Like this eye wateringly bright tea towel from Zara Home which is covered in books! In fact Zara Home is groaning under the weight of gorgeous tea towels at the moment like this way-too-nice-to-actually-use Kimono pair.

All of Zara's tea towels are £9.99 or less for two so that's one for mopping up messes and one for framing?

Even though I don't technically own my kitchen it's still My Kitchen in every sense of the word, but if anyone forgets that I can just point them at my name spelt out in Oliver Bonas' Alphabet tea towels, possibly followed by a sassy finger click. They're £7.50 each.

I love orange, problem is it looks completely ghastly on me so I compensate by buying lots of orange knickknacks. And now I can add this incredibly bright and (more importantly) educational tea towel from Pineapple Retro for £8.00.

Sticking with the bright colours can I just say how much I love these lickable candy striped oven gloves from Ben De Lisi? They're £12.00 from Debenhams.

Stylish aprons are essential kitchen wear, especially if you're hosting a dinner party and you a) don't want to get spaghetti sauce all over your lovely frock and b) don't want to wear that novelty naked torso apron your boyfriend got for barbecuing. Anthropologie has an amazing selection (Siany featured this gorgeous poodle one a few weeks ago) but my favourite this adorably named Tea and Crumpets one, it's £28.00 and probably the closest I can get to wearing orange!

I have a friend with an almost unhealthy love of all stag themed things (to the point her other half has banned any further stag shaped anything entering the house) so I'm sure she would adore this Sophie Allport Stag apron as a sneaky Christmas present, he can't ban it if it's a gift right? It's £14.00 from John Lewis.

We love a bit of Rory Dobner here at Sluttery HQ and his selection of monochrome printed napkins are no exception. They are all pretty amazing but this Smokey Fish is by far the best, look at his little french fishy frown! They're £8.50 each from Graham and Green, so these may be for extra special occasions only.

Every kitchen has room for a little art and all the better if that art imparts some sort of food based wisdom like this tasty Crawfish print from Woah There Pickle, it's £15.00 from their Etsy store and would complement the Holy Trinity print I already have perfectly.


  1. Damn, G&G really need to run an iron over their napkins.

    1. I know! I think that might be why he's so grumpy?

  2. Almost unhealthy?! How very dare you!

    Oh, wait. You're getting me a present? *retracts outrage*

    Yes, my love can be bought. Apparently for £14. xx

    1. Totally knew it, but I may stuff the pockets with peanut M&Ms just in case ; ) x


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