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Thursday 10 October 2013

Ten More Top Potato Recipes

We never need a reason to load up on our favourite carb, but since it's Potato Week we just couldn't resist. If you thought our Top Ten Potato Recipes was the end of our tattie obsession, you were wrong - we've got ten more spud dishes just for you.

Baked potatoes are the best convenience food out there. Bung a potato in the oven for 45 minutes, cut it in half, fill, eat. What could be better? Samosa stuffed baked potatoes are definitely better, and so simple to make. Croque Monsieur potatoes are awesome, too. We've basically turned our jacket spuds up to eleven.

It's impossible to write a round up of potato dishes without mentioning roast potatoes, no Sunday lunch would be complete without them! For a bit of a change from the usual roasties, give Hasselback potatoes a shot, they've got all the crunchy wonderfulness that a regular roast potato has, but they're just a bit special.

Mash is the potato version of a great big hug. If comfort food had a bad day, it would turn to mashed potato for a consolation. Colcannon is a creamy, buttery dollop of mash with just enough greens to make it feel like one of your five a day. Super Smashed-Up Spuds simply throw vegetables out the window in favour of cheese and bacon, whilst removing the need to wash up the potato masher afterwards!

Spice and spuds are best of friends. If you don't believe me, try some Aloo Masala (that's curried potato to you and me) and you'll be convinced! Vada Pau, spicy potato patties wrapped in bread, are a double hit of carbs and curry spice that's just what autumn days are crying out for. If Asian spices aren't for you, Spanish Patas Bravas will give you all the heat you're craving, but with a Mediterranean twist.

Can we have potatoes for dessert, too? Well, gorgeously crispy potato latkes can be eaten with sweet or savoury toppings. And tattie scones are equally great served with jam as they are with bacon and eggs. Who knew the spud was such a versatile wee tuber?!

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