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Thursday 3 October 2013

Incredibly S****ing Sweary Notebooks


Completely in love with rude notebooks at the moment. Well, I say at the moment, but really I mean "all the time because I am immature and fond of bad words."

If you need to kick yourself into touch, get a notebook that shouts at you.

This one is £3 plus 50p shipping from London-based Etsy store Lilybetart.

If you REALLY need to be shouted at by stationery, let these notebooks empower you with swears. They're $16.98 (£10.47) for a pack of two including postage from Cool Material.

Sod off I'm thinking. Correct! This is £15 from mypipsqueak on Folksy, and once you've finished your notebook, you can remove the cover and put it on your next one.

I love this so much I can't even. People I want to punch in the face is £6.32 plus £1.90 postage from Etsy. NOW WRITE THAT SHIT DOWN.


  1. Hey there, I'm the owner of Lilybet Art, I've had those notebooks available for about a month now, and within an hour, sold out! Thank you so much! I'm glad they caught some ones eye! I'll be making more of these and also expanding my design selection soon :)


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