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Monday 7 October 2013

Sluttery by Post: Papermash's Washi Tape Subscription

So here's a really cute postal subscription service to add to our already VAST back catalogue of amazing Sluttery by Post finds: Papermash's washi tape subscription! We're already big fans of Papermash, fine purveyors of the most delectable stationery, and they've always had a brilliant selection of washi tape in all manner of pretty patterns. Now you can have a surprise roll of tape delivered to you (or a friend, I suppose) every month!

The washi tapes included in the subscription are not currently for sale at Papermash - they'll be exclusive to subscribers. Ooh. However, these gorgeous examples show the excellent tape taste we're talking about here. Jumping rabbits and squirrels! How jolly.

There are two subscription options available - one roll of tape each month for a year is £45, or if you're very serious about washi tape/have a lot of spare cash, go for two rolls of tape a month at £70. BUT WAIT - this is a brand-new service, and to celebrate, Papermash are offering an early bird discount to everyone who signs up before October 13th. That lowers the prices to £40 and £60 respectively. Get your skates on if you want to grab the cheaper deal, though!

The first parcels will go out in January 2014, making this the perfect (whisper it) Christmas gift for a crafter or stationery fiend. I love me a bit of washi tape, and the thought of getting a surprise roll each month fills my little crafty heart with happiness. Beats the gas bill any day. 

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