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Tuesday 29 October 2013

The Best Book Subscriptions

We've been massive bookworms recently and the storm over the weekend gave us all a brilliant excuse to stay inside and lose ourselves in our latest reads. Now, you might have spent all of your money on excellent magazine subscription but just in case you've got some pennies left after yesterday, here's a round up of the best book subscriptions in the UK.

Mr B's Reading Year.
We're a little in love with Mr B. How ace does their book spa sound? We've been yearning after a Mr B's Reading Year subscription for ages. It might have something to do with the 90s magazine style quiz that you have to complete before they start sending you books (most of Team DS would fill out that form just for fun, and need extra paper for our answers). You get 11 carefully-selected paperbacks for £135 a year.

The Willoughby Book Club
The best thing about Willoughby is that you get lots of options. Cookbooks, classics, contemporary fiction, books for kids (did anyone else have the Chip book club at school? That was the best.) These make the perfect gift. Prices vary depending on which subscription service you go for, but you can choose 3, 6 or 12 month stints with the cheapest options costing around £30.

If those gorgeous grey covers aren't enough to entice you, their book selections should be. I'll always have a soft spot for Persephone. They print neglected fiction and non fiction from 20th century writers - nearly all of them women and then wrap them in beautiful covers and give you a free bookmark with each book. That's a publishing venture that I can get behind. Prices are £60 for six months and £120 for 12.

Daunt Books
If there was a mainstream bookshop we'd trust to pick out our books, it would be Daunt. As well as having kids subcription options, they've also got choices between hardback and paperback. And if you're a bit of a non-fiction buff, they've got an option for that. No quiz option, sadly - you email to tell them your preferences. The mixed options look the most fun - 12 paperbacks are £165.

The Folio Society
Not strictly a 'books in the post' membership (because hello bankruptcy) but if you have a Folio Society habit, there are a whole bunch of perks to the membership (it's free if you've spent £120 on Folio books). You get discounts on future books, personal recommendations, a members magazine and exclusive events. We really really want to go to those events.

Have we missed any brilliant book subscriptions? Tell us in the comments!


  1. And you should definitely check out Random Book Club! You get one totally random book per month, latest member is Joanna Lumley!

  2. Prudence and the Crow is a UK based vintage paperback book subscription service!


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