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Thursday 3 October 2013

Opihr Spiced Gin

Today I am hideously hungover. The kind of hungover that makes you want to jab pens in your eyes. And I have Opihr gin to thank for it.

I'm pretty straightforward when it comes to gin. I like it crisp and dry. With slice of cucumber if I have the option. And usually I like it to taste of gin. English country gardens, hedgerows, juniper berries. Opihr doesn't taste of gin, but I still really like it. It's made with oriental spices and smells of cardamom and coriander. Opihr uses 10 different botanicals including grapefruit peel, black pepper and ginger.

But those spices work. The make what's usually a refreshing drink rather warming. I wouldn't usually think of gin as a winter drink, but this is perfect. The spices complement each other, they add a bit of a spice. And Gin & Crumpets is right - it would taste perfect with chillies. Of all the (many, many) cocktails I tried last night, the wintry drinks worked much better than the others. The spices don't work with tonic on its own, Opihr needs something else to balance it and then it's very tasty indeed.

Even if you like your gin to taste of gin, you should try this. It won't replace the Hendrick's in your cupboard but it's an excellent addition to your ever growing spirit collection.

You can buy Ophir for £26.31 from Master of Malt. Don't drink it if you have anything to do the next day.


  1. Oh, I discovered this about a month ago in Waitrose (in Stirling) for £22. It's lovely, and so different for a gin. It's now my joint favourite, along with the Botanist. I really like it with tonic, a slimline one, so that you get all those lovely warming flavours in a really, really cold drink. The heat dichotomy is enough to make your head explode! Mmm.... more of the Ophir, please!

    1. Excellent that it's cheaper elsewhere (and more easily available). I'm not convinced with tonic alone, but I really really like it as a drink. Or perhaps it didn't work with the tonic used at the launch event? It's nice to see that gin fans like it as well, Tasha.

    2. I also found this in Waitrose for £22 for a gin party :-) I'm in love with it! My fave- even overtaken tanq 10. Probably.

  2. This sounds amazing. (Adds to list of gin to buy). I hear that Portobello Road is another good fairly new one?

  3. Alocal barsellsit served with rose lemonade and either rose petals or pomegranit seeds, totally amazing, I've got several friends hooked and most wern't gin drinkers before.


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