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Tuesday 29 October 2013

It's a Wrap: Terrific Turbans

If you've met me in person over the last year, chances are I'd have been wearing a turban. Or, if not a turban, some kind of a twisted scarf headband device. Though I don't know what brought about my turban obsession - perhaps too long over Christmas looking at glamorous vintage ladies on the internet - I'm not alone. Judging by the amount of turbans, or turban-style headbands in the shops at the moment, it's a look that's continuing to grow in popularity. If you're feeling unsure about wearing your first turban, just take a look at this gallery of stylish turban wearers, from all decades for some inspiration.

What I love about my turban is that it instantly makes the dullest outfit look that bit more exciting. Starting off gently, this velvet pailette headband would bring the party element to an otherwise plain outfit. It's £28 from Anthropologie, and is available in three different colours.

Or, for a look that takes more inspiration from the glamour of Studio 54 than Gatsby (both great eras to study for turban style), Anthropologie are also selling this shimmery, sparkly wire-winged velvet turban for £16.

Emin and Paul make turban-style hairbands in a huge range of colours and patterns. This dotty turban is perfect for everyday wear and is £20.

If you want to go a little fancier with your fabric, Emin and Paul can help with that too. I love the Ikat meets digital pattern used for their red floral turban, again £20.

Even your plain everyday headband - like this block stripe headband from Topshop  - seems to have a little twist in it at the moment. At only £6, this like the gateway drug for full-on turban wearing.

Finally, a proper turban! ASOS's velvet turban will keep you toasty and stylish during winter escapades (though River Island's black headband gives you the look in an easy-to-wear hairband). If you wanted to go all out for impact you could add a glittering brooch to the front of the turban. And seeing as the turban is only £12, you can probably afford to buy that new bit of sparkle. Or...

... you could get the look ready-made in this blue velvet feather turban from River Island. I'd be tempted to cut off the feathers (too hen-do for my liking) but, for £12, it's probably the cheapest way possible to feel ridiculously glamorous all through winter.


  1. I'm still jealous of that turban you found when we were in Traffic People. It is not a look that I can pull off. Not that I didn't have fun looking really silly in a shop full of people.

    1. Yeah, Traffic People don't seem to stock them otherwise, otherwise I would have linked to them. I saw some similar ones in Snooper's Paradise in Brighton - again, sadly not online.


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