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Thursday 10 October 2013

Shop in the Spotlight: Miss Patina

It started - as these things often do - with a pretty blouse on Pinterest. Clicking through, I discovered that holiest of Pinterest trilogies: it wasn't a spam link, the blouse was still available and - best of all - it was from a new-to-me UK shop, Miss Patina.

Miss Patina makes gorgeous vintage-inspired dresses, blouses, skirts and shorts. And vintage in an interesting way, not in a "let's put a teacup on this and call it vintage" way. Their shop is so full of covetable things that, like me, you'll probably find yourself having pinned the entire shop, if not added it all to your shopping basket.

One of the things I like about Miss Patina is their attention to detail, whether it's an embroidered leaves or pearl collar. In the case of the Pippa pinafore, as shown above, from their latest collection, you might think the use of the polka dots and scallops on the top are enough. But no, if the model was kind enough to turn around for us, you'd see her zip pull was snowflake-shaped. How pretty. You can buy this pinafore for £59.80 and then wear it with all your favourite winter jumpers.

Miss Patina's designs also appeal to my love of pattern - who doesn't want a blouse with giraffes on it? The sleeves and collar of this Dalloway Dress are decorated with playing cards symbols, or you can pick up another version of the dress covered in rabbits. They're both £69.80.

While I love the look of the Dalloway dress, it would be as flattering on me as a bag of potatoes. The fitted silhouette of their retro air hostess-inspired Jet Setter dress would work on me much better. It comes in a number of different finishes, including the navy (shown here and reduced to £58.80) and as a check pattern in the new collection for £69.80.

One downside to the clothes, however, is the really restricted clothing sizes (S, M and L), and the fact they describe size 12 as large! However, once you look at the actual measurements - which are given for each dress - the large seems to be what would be a size 14/16 in other shops. Even so, it's not a great range of sizes and, being a younger brand (sitting nicely alongside the excellent Coco Fennell), I hope they expand their options as the brand grows.

There are some really unusual pieces, refreshingly different for the usual high street offerings. This Duchess dress is a really grand occasion kind of frock for £69.80. It reminds me of some of the things the beautiful Ashley of Fancy Fine pulls off in style.

I've got so caught up with the frocks I haven't shown you any dresses yet. Let's rectify that. How pretty is the waistline on this Gymkhanna skirt? Peer really really really closely at the screen and you may be able to see that the zipper is a horse (it'll be easier to see in real life). That's £58.80, and the model is wearing it with the Baker Street blouse.

That skirt would also look great with this Working Girl blouse (great name), which is reduced to £42.80. If you like the scalloped edges - and who doesn't like a scallop? - you should also check out the divine Dear Diary dress. I'll stop there, before I've shown you Miss Patina's entire shop. But go and explore it for yourself - I'm sure you'll find something/everything lovely.


  1. Everything is so pretty! What a cute range. And very affordable.

  2. Well, damn. I am at the top of their size range and like most of their clothes. Christmas and birthday coming up soon though. Loren.

  3. Curse you, Domestic Sluts! I know which I'm buying. Have bought. Ohmygosh. I will never, ever be able to save pennies if I spend them on such beauty.

    There's a dress named Mary Lennox *swoons*


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