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Friday 11 October 2013

The BrandAlley Louche Sale

It'll come as no secret to regular readers that Louche is one of our favourite brands. Joy's wares feature a lot around these part. Mainly because we like these things in spades: gorgeous prints, lovely cut and dresses that are rarely over fifty of your English pounds. Even though Louche is already reasonably priced, there's no better news than a Louche sale, especially when it's in conjunction with BrandAlley. This means brilliant brilliant bargains. It also means buying lots more than you planned and having no money until payday. Sorry about that.

If you aren't familiar with BrandAlley, it's a simple sign up process. Not once have they sent me an annoying email, I promise. You can also follow them on Facebook so you get details of when exclusive sales are going to start. Now, back to those bargains. That blue shift dress is £25. That gorgeous floral skirt? £19. And the dress in the same fabric is £29, reduced from £55.

One thing I do love about BrandAlley is that they tell you how many pieces they've got left in stock. Only five of these stripy skirts left in my size apparently. Please don't buy them all, even though they're only £14 each.

I absolutely can't wear mustard and brown at the same time. Don't care. Want this cardigan very much. I don't even wear cardigans.

How gorgeous is this red dress? It's just £34. There are only 10 left, which is quite right because it's very lovely indeed. They've practically got half the shop in stock which is an excellent way to see in the weekend.


  1. Signing up to Brandalley right now! Man I want that red dress oh so much, pretty much the perfect Christmas do dress!

    1. I'm actually pretty sure I wrote about it last year, because it was a non-Christmassy dress. It's perfect, without being too 'Christmas red'.

  2. Damn you DS, I knew I was lost when I saw that mustard yellow cardigan! Oh well, at least I managed to limit myself to get only three things. Looking forward to getting some post now :)


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