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Monday 14 October 2013

Design Porn: AyeSpy

Can you stop looking at the lovely view for a second? And her amazing hair. And the amazing red hair against the rather nice purple jumper. Let's look at her brilliant glasses.

They're by AyeSpy, a brilliant eyewear range from Scotland. Created by Lucy Ross and Jamie Bartlett, each pair of glasses is crafted by hand from wood and leather. Put quite simply: I love this range. As much as I love WeWood watches.

Every pair is made with walnut, mahogany or cherry and they take about three hours to create from scratch. Then they can be fitted with your correct lens prescription by an optician.

Prices start at £135 for the frames (I know, but made by hand!), and you can buy sunglasses if you don't need specs.

And while we're busy swooning over things, here's the handsome glasses guy with an owl. Of course.

AyeSpy is the best incentive I've found to book that long overdue eye test at Specsavers. They're fabulous.

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