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Wednesday 23 October 2013

Pretty Pins: Rounding up this season's tights

Last month the lovely Gemma featured some gorgeous plus sized dress for wearing with tights and thanks to the chilly weather (and my shoes' new found superpower to soak up all rainwater within a 5 mile radius) I've found myself reaching for my trusty tights and boots combo again. 

Disappointingly my whole collection of tights consists of just one pair of knackered black tights and a bunch of laddered, ripped and footless tights I seem to have kept for no reason whatsoever (maybe I was planning to rob a bank?) So it's clearly time for me to stock up, and there is no better time then Autumn to shop for tights. Whatever you're after it's out there in stretchy tight form. 

First up is Etsy, a hotbed of creative and amazing handprinted tights like these lovely warm looking Red/Black Ombre tights for £24.12 (with free delivery) from Virivee. They have a whole bunch of colour combinations as well as some adorable printed ones, like these little navy robots who I have fallen in love with.

Galstern is another Etsy seller who specialises in incredibly glamorous tights, I'm rather taken with this Rainforest pair in turquoise for £30.10 (again free delivery, yay!) but everyone should check out their glittery Flash Back Collection before the Christmas party season starts.

Last of the Etsy sellers is Hold Me Tights (extra points are always awarded for pun-derful names) and their super cool Grey Puzzle tights which are £18.26 (and £4.35 for delivery, well the free delivery luck had to run out sometime). While I've only listed three here, in truth there's a whole load of amazing looking sellers on Etsy who specialise in handprinted tights.

Black Milk are usually better known for their rather insane line of leggings (like these amazing Mass Effect ones I'm currently trying to find an excuse to purchase) but they also have a small collection of  beautiful hosiery, my favourite just has to be the Gatsby-esque Flapper pair for £14.96 (with free standard delivery to the UK, got it back!)

Anyone who knows me is fully aware of my love for comic books, so I was particularly tickled by these ridiculously fun Comic Book tights by Flirt for £7.95 (£1.95 delivery) which I found on Tightstightstights (no prizes for the name but at least it's obvious what they sell)

Lastly ASOS, who have a HUMONGOUS array of tights to choose from, some of them are a little questionable but most are utterly gorgeous. These purple lace ones by Emilio Cavallini are £17.00 and droolingly fabulous as is the slightly different teal version which are a few pounds cheaper at £14.00.  

There is a noticeable lack of proper wooly tights out there at the moment, thankfully ASOS has these grey speckled ribbed ones from Gipsy which are vaguely respectable from a distance, but get up close and...

COLOURED SPECKLES! These babies are a very reasonable £12.00 and also come in red and blue.

Lastly I truly believe that nothing can't be improved by the addition of Dinosaurs (except possibly an apocalypse - can't fight off zombies, Mad Max and a T-rex at the same time, that would be ridiculous) which means these tights were clearly MADE for me and me alone, also they are a bargainous £8.00 and therefore already in my virtual basket.


  1. Oh, I love them all. I'm loving tartan tights at the moment, but £18 for something the cat will ladder really isn't practical:

  2. Well if I may Asos have a rather fetch tartan pair for only £8!

  3. All of the tartan tights will be mine!

  4. I love the ombre tights. I pinned them last week. Lots of lovely variations. I just can't justify spending 25 quid on tights!


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