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Thursday 31 October 2013

Design Porn: Marie Macon and Anne-Laure Lesquoy

Happy Halloween ... or not. I plan on hiding in the dark from avid treat or treaters (while obviously playing around with Laura B's fab glow-in-the-dark ghost cupcakes). I may, however, get in the Halloween spirit enough to don this rather fabulous skeleton silver brooch. Each of those knee bones connected to thigh bones has been embroidered by French design duo Marie Macon and Anne-Laure Lesquoy. The Conran Shop are stocking a selection of their gorgeous brooches including this exquisite corpse, which is available for £40.

If you think embroidery equals cutesy teacups and love hearts, think again. There's a heavy dose of the macabre running through their designs, like this dripping knife blood brooch, priced at £30.

Drugs aren't fashionable, kids. Oh wait - with Coco Fennell x Karen Mabon's wonderful pill popper dress, and now Macon and Lesquoy's drugs brooch set, I have to admit it looks like the drugs do work. In fabric and thread form at least. This set is also £40.

For style that teeters on the surreal side, or at least offers a smattering of Lady Gaga madness, you need this lobster brooch somewhere about your person. It would look ridiculously chic on a LBD (herein known as a Lobster Brooch Dress). Again, it's £40.

Oh look, they do more winsome designs too. Unless this is a raven who has torn out someone's heart and is about to post it to dead bod's lover? It's called the love letter brooch set so I'm presuming the answer to this question is no. There's hopefully a happier ending to Macon and Lesquoy's story.

I'll end with their owl nighttime brooch set, so appropriate for this night of good vs evil. To some, owls are the cutest creatures - the perfect talisman for this spookiest of evenings. But, to others, they're the devil in bird form (remember, The Owls Are Not What They Seem). At £80 the price is certainly the cruelest of the lot but - like all of Macon and Lesquoy's designs - it would look really rather good all year round, and not just for Halloween.

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