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Thursday 17 October 2013

Top Ten Tart Recipes

When it comes to really rather impressive bakes, I'm not sure if there are many things that beat the tart. They look great, and once you've got the pastry right (and let's be honest, shop-bought pastry is a life saver) the rest is quite straightforward. There are few limits to the wonderful variations of tart that you can use to astound your friends. Just remember to smile nonchalantly and mutter, "oh, it was nothing" when the praise starts pouring in.

Let's start off with some of our prettiest tarts, shall we? The peach and pistachio tartlets pictured above are gorgeously cute and seriously quick to make. Any dessert that goes from nought to eaten in less than half an hour is always a favourite! A strawberry and elderflower tart is equally good looking and full of fresh summery flavours.

Speaking of things of beauty, tarte tatin is definitely a showstopper tart. If you think it's too tricky to make one at home, think again! Try this lovely apple and pear number on for size, and if that isn't the one for you we've got a peach and vanilla version one instead.

Treacle tart is a bit of a favourite at Sluttery HQ and Laura H's coconut and lime treacle tarts are very special indeed. For the gluten free among us, this walnut and maple syrup tart is a twist on the original. We love custard tarts too, don't make us pick a favourite. We've also got a gluten free custard tart so nobody misses out.

There are so many brilliant regional tarts to choose from and gypsy tart is Kent's rich and gooey contribution. Well flippin' done, Kent, this is one delicious dish! Moving north, Bakewell tarts (from, Bakewell, obviously) are an almondy delight that everyone loves. Further up again, Ecclefechan tart is a buttery alternative to mince pies with a wee drop of whisky for good luck. My, do we make great tarts in the UK!

Hmmm, my sweet tooth appears to be showing. I almost forgot about savoury tarts! Quite how I could possibly forget about this red onion and Emmental tart, I don't know. It's basically a giant vol au vent, and what could be better than that? Pear, Dolcelatte and walnuts are perfect savoury partners, so are salmon and broccoli, only pastry could improve them. Oh look, that's what we've done. And if you think you can only make tarts with pastry, think again, we've even turned leftover gluten free bread into cheese and onion tartlets. We're just that committed to great tarts.

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  1. I must make that Pear and Dolcelatte tart immediately! Blue cheese can improve almost any dish. Also fully agree that shop bought pastry is probabaly the greatest invention since the steam train x

  2. I have just bought a new tart tin. Everything is being tarted. Everything.


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