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Monday 14 October 2013

Affordable Retro Prints

We're all quite clear on where to buy frames from thanks to our Kat, but is anyone now suffering from a glut of fancy frames and nothing to put in them? I can't be the only one who's gone overboard on empty frames and needs beautiful prints. I've rounded up some classic retro prints that need to grace your walls, starting at under £10.

The fact that today's kids don't make each other mix tapes breaks my heart a little. Where's the effort and anguish in making someone a mix CD or Spotify playlist? You haven't courted someone if you haven't agonised over which killer track to kick things off with. But never mind the tracklisting - the blank tape covers were striking, with their block colours and minimalist print.  Head over to Neil Stevens Prints to pick up an A3 casssette print for £30.

Cakes And Ale is crying out to be hung on my kitchen wall. Easy Art have a fantastic range of affordable prints but my favourites are their Penguin book covers. Created on the principle that "good design is no more expensive than bad", I adore their strong, simple style. 

Easy Art have 75 different covers to choose from, starting at £19.95. Some are replicas of the original covers like this Bernard Shaw one, complete with well-loved (ie slightly battered) corners. It all adds to the charm.

The London Transport Museum has a huge range of iconic travel posters - and not all of them set in London. I could have shown you the Streatham one (south London represent!) but no - let's coo over one that reminds us a change of residence is as good as a holiday. Does this mean I can turn up on a friend's doorstep with a suitcase and demand to stay for a fortnight, on health grounds? I hope so. Browse the favourites range to get an idea of what's on offer. Prints start at just £9.95.

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  1. Fabulous. Not long back, I Googled Penguin book canvas and couldn't find any :(

    But, John Lewis have a lot of Penguin framed classics. I have purchased three Female English writers, Agatha Christie, Emily Bronte and Virginia Woolf.

    This company do canvas versions as well. I'm looking at three American male writers, F Scott Fitzgerald, Jack Kerouac and Raymond Chandler.

    Oh dear, I can see this getting a little out of control.


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