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Wednesday 16 October 2013

Rain, Rain Go Away: 6 Shower Ready Jackets

If there is one thing I hate, one thing that turns every little annoyance into a flaming, raging disaster, it's getting thoroughly soaked on the way to work and being damp at my desk. All. Day.

I usually walk to work, it's fifty minutes and frankly the only regular (and free) exercise I get, but a pleasant frolic through the Autumn leaves can quickly turn sour as soon as those clouds roll in. This is where I found myself recently, my brand new woolen (and NOT waterproof) coat becoming sodden and my shoes taking on water like the Titanic.

Basically what I need is an emergency anorak, but not one of those "embarrassing tourist caught out at a theme park" ones, no siree. It must be waterproof yes, but also something I wouldn't be ashamed to wear in public. Very much like this gorgeous peachy lace lined delicacy at the top, available from the Vero Moda collection at ASOS, and currently reduced to £31.50.

Alternatively if peach is not your thing they also have a very adorable polka dotted one that comes in its very own handy little matching bag for £30.00. Although I can assure you that contrary to the evidence, denim shorts are not a requirement for wearing either of these coats. 

If you're looking for a little more coverage (god knows I needed it the other day) then not only is this poncho perfect but it's covered in teeny prancing Horsies! HORSIES! It also folds into its own little pack and is only £19.95 from Joules (plus £1.00 for delivery.)

Now I'm not usually an animal print fan, but this parka from Love Label has amazingly managed to make it look both sweet and girly (two things very much missing from my wardrobe), it's currently £17.50 at Littlewoods. 

Is this the perfect raincoat? Why yes, yes I think it is! You can always rely on Cath Kidston to give you the cutest but also most functional versions of whatever you're looking for (provided you can handle some of the epic florals) and these are going for £35.00. I was so ready to snap this polka dotted baby up until I saw this beauty.

Oh it's so shiny. And green! I could take on hurricanes in this, hell I could probably face down the Sharknado! It's £55.00 from Yumi and I can't think of a better excuse then owning a bright pea green coat to also treat myself to a pair of these...


  1. Frog wellies! I so wanted frog wellies when I was a wee piglet. But I had enormous feet (still do) and they didn't come in my size. *sigh*

    1. I'm the same, big feet Not fair *stamps frog wellie free feet* :(


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