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Thursday 3 October 2013

What have we been reading recently?

It's raining, don't go out. Stay in and read books instead. Here's what we've been reading this month.

Sian: I powered through One Step Too Far while I was on holiday (can I go back to reading books in Central Park, please?) It was enjoyable and the twist was brilliant, but it wasn't as powerful as A Serpentine Affair. I also read Harvest, which is hotly-tipped to win the Booker prize. It wins my prize for being the dullest, most earnest book I can remember reading. I finished Kiss Me First earlier this week, which managed to be terribly written while also having a brilliant plot.

I'm now whizzing through American Wife which has the potential to be one of the best books I've read all year.

Frances: I've had a bad book month. I spent September struggling with NW by Zadie Smith. I should have given up after the first week and read something much better instead. It was all a bit tedious. I did enjoy the bit when her two main characters were at university, but that was about 75% through and really not worth suffering through the rest of the book for. I'm going to try A Serpentine Affair next, after Sian loved it so much last month, to try and get me back into my reading.

Nick: Recently I've been indulging in a re-read of Coupland's The Gum Thief. The dark humour and rich caricaturist insights coupled with the entirely unsubtle undertones of Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolfe make it the perfect feet up with a glass of bourbon kind of a book. After I'm done, I'm finally getting round to rounding off Margaret Atwood's MaddAddam trilogy.

Caleigh: I've been reading Save with Jamie. After his recent foot-in-mouth episode, I felt compelled to read the cookbook and see what the fuss was about. The food has all the usual Jamie Oliver trademarks, exciting variations of classics, some new ideas and all suitable for relaxed dining with your friends or a bunch of mates. While I'm not completely convinced he's going to save me a fortune in the kitchen, he does offer useful ideas about making the most of the food you buy, avoiding waste and using your freezer to its best. I'll definitely be trying his Meatballs alla Norma and Aubergine Daal.

What have you been reading recently?


  1. Prep by Curtis Sittenfeld is one of my all-time favourites. American Wife is now on my reading list!

    1. Oh yes, Prep is brilliant too. Can't wait to get my hands on her Sisterland.

    2. Until this comment, I thought Curtis Sittenfield was a man...

    3. Also "get my hands on her sisterland" is a cracking euphemism.

    4. DS is nothing but educational. I was convinced Jess Walter was a woman. And it's been responsible for some of my favourite euphemisms.


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