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Thursday 17 October 2013

Topshop's Super Glamorous Fringe Benefits

On Monday I quickly popped into Topshop to see if the Tall section had anything new and sexual in, and was instantly distracted by the AMAZING work the shop as a whole is doing on cover-ups (LOVE this feather one. Love it). As you know, I am an enormous fan of capes and tippets, and these gorgeous new fringed bits and pieces are just as luscious. 

Before we get to cover-ups, let's go to the uncovereds. I adore these two lovely fripperies. The blue is in the sale at £8 and matching knickers are £5.

The black version is £18 with knickers at a tenner. Super fit. Right, fringed your underwear? Let's crack on.

Hello! This gorgeous top is the perfect combination of sleeves, autumn colours, glitter, tassles and embroidery. It's £45.

(I urgently need you to trust me on this one because the website picture is so unappealing. )

In the flesh, this piece is so utterly stunning that I almost cried. It's tremendously 30s, extremely witchy and fairytales-ish, and would look amazing with literally any outfit that you'd care to pull together. Go to Topshop now and have a look. Now. It's £50.

If you like loads of dimensions to your cover-ups (and who doesn't) then this stunning jacquard kimono is a goer. It has a lovely subtle sheen to the navy blur background print, and then that top fringing. It's available in tall and petite and costs £65.

Navy blue is my favourite of all the blues. This pretty lace fringe kimono (what's with calling everything a kimono?) is in the sale, £20 down from £38.

If the rest of these have been a bit too sensible, try this fabulous velvet number from Topshop concession Freak of Nature for £48. If I didn't already own a black cape I would be in like Flynn. Ooh, and about to watch The Craft.

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  1. It might be possible that I want it all... but if I must choose (sigh) I really really love the jacquard kimono. Good thing it's only a week till pay day!


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