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Thursday 3 October 2013

Pie Chart: John Lewis Pie Dish

We love pie here at Sluttery HQ and we're never short on ideas for what kind of pie to have. As far as autumnal comfort food goes, pie is always a winner. Sweet or savoury, pie is just the ticket when the days start getting colder.  Just in case you do need a few extra suggestions, John Lewis have the pie dish for you. This simple, but quite genius, dish is rather gorgeous. The motif on the dish recommends apple, banoffee and lemon meringue pie, as well as treacle and Bakewell tart, but I'm sure you could bake whatever pastry goodness that you desire. Hell, go renegade with pumpkin or pecan pie and I doubt John Lewis would object!

At 30cm diameter (if you need to know the area, use pie-thagorus theorem!) it's a good size for a generous pie. There's nothing worse than mean portions of pie. It might please you to know that it's dishwasher safe, a must for washing-up-phobes like me. It's probably worth noting that, despite looking like enamel (even close up) it's actually porcelain so it's a bit more hefty than you'd expect. It also means that the pie chart motif shouldn't fade or chip like enamel can do. 

The Motif Pie Dish is £18 from John Lewis and is just the thing for when Great British Bake Off inspiration strikes. Or, indeed, cravings for pie.

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  1. Dissappointed with the factually incorrect reference to Pie-thagorus, when you could have just gone for a pun on Pi! (love the dish though!)


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