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Thursday 10 June 2010

Bag Lust: JOBEENY Contessa range

'Antique replica' is a term that we Domestic Sluts like to use rather a lot in relation to our accessories, and that's what independent designer Jo Cooper of JOBEENY does best. Her ladylike bags and purses are a joy to behold, and even more of a joy to hold, made as they are from top quality fabrics.

Quality is of great importance to Jo, who visited 26 manufacturers in 10 days in China before choosing a small workshop that would produce her designs to the standard she required, while also treating employees fairly. She also puts an emphasis on practicality: the bags may look old-fashioned, but they still have modern trappings, like slots for your mobile phone.

Others, like the sumptuously beautiful Bogota silk Palace Bridal handbag, have more time-honoured features, like a special pouch for gloves!

My personal favourites from the collection are the handbag and clutch from the Contessa range: all made from butter-soft buffalo leather and inspired by the glamour of the 1920s. They're beautifully made, with an embossed pattern and pretty snap clasps, and designed to be ultra practical with our busy lives in mind.

The handbag is £150 here; the clutch is £120 here.

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