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Wednesday 9 June 2010

Etsy Pick: Ponykraft Cross-Stitch Card

For anyone out there desperate for a way to win my heart (I know, I know, form an orderly queue), I think I've just found them an easy answer, in this shape of this brilliantly postmodern cross-stitch card by Ponykraft on Etsy. Based on the card that Ralph Wiggum painstakingly made with love for the object of his affections, Lisa Simpson, it's blank inside and perfect for posting to that special someone or framing and giving as a gift.

Just because Lisa Simpson was an ungrateful, heartless bitch about it doesn't mean such a sweet sentiment and witty wordplay should be dismissed. So, here begins my one-woman crusade to get some poor sucker to treat me to one. It's $13USD, but Ponykraft is based in the UK so shipping is a bargain at only $1USD.


  1. Aww, thanks! And it's now $10. I'm basically making no profit but just doing this for the (deep, abiding) love of sewing.

  2. That's wonderful :) and based on a truly classic line of tragic, unrequited love...


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