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Monday 7 June 2010

Time for Tea: Twinings Rose Garden Tea

It's no secret that I adore anything with roses. It's in my perfume, my candles and pretty much anything I can get my hands on - Rose Lemonade is surprisingly gorgeous. So when a new rose-shaped product comes out I'm all over it.

Sian, knowing of (but not necessarily understanding) my rose obsession, very kindly picked me up a box of the limited edition Twinings Rose Garden Tea (£2.30 for 20 bags). Tea! And rose! All in one pretty box!

It's basically normal black tea tarted up with rose petals and flavouring. The resulting rose taste is very mild (probably a bit too mild for me) but makes a nice change from Earl Grey or English Breakfast. And the box will look really nice in your cupboard.


  1. What a FAB idea - i shall deffo be getting some of these!!


  2. Don't forget to stock up if you like them! They are limited edition after all...

  3. OMG I just discovered this today!!!
    I am SO pleased to have finally found rose tea! (After investigating all forms of rose drinks, like rose and lychee cocktails).
    i LOVE everything to do with you know lancome's doll eyes mascara is scented with rose, to remind people of their hypnose perfume? I love Cath Kidston's rose bath powder!! AAAH!
    Btw, its not limited edition anymore, its ongoing YAY!!!



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