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Monday 28 June 2010

Fourth of July Fun at The Papered Parlour

Unless friendly with a few ex-pats, the American Independence Day will probably pass by us Brits unnoticed. But those enterprising ladies at The Papered Parlour aren't going to let an excuse for a knees-up pass them by, and have decided that this Sunday is the perfect opportunity for celebrating all things American with "tea, cake and the pursuit of craft". Not activities you'd typically associate with the US but we approve all the same.

Come Independence Day, The Papered Parlour will be the place to get your craft on and take part in frivolous Fourth of July fun. Spend the afternoon mastering the arts of American Style Quilting and Andy Warholesque Printmaking in the Clapham-based studio, whilst the all-American band plays classic tunes from the US of A. The Parlour Girls will be serving up traditional Yankee treats like hot apple pie, blueberry cakes and lemonade (crafting is thirsty work).

Even better, this afternoon of yummy treats, crafty shenanigans and live music won't cost you a cent! Just don't forget your cowboy hat.

The Papered Parlour can be found at 7 Prescott Place, London, SW4 6BS.

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