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Monday 28 June 2010

Guest Post: Becks Talks Bicycles

The brilliant Becks (whose beautiful blog you can read here) tells us about bikes, bags and hats:

In summer there’s just no better way to get around than by bicycle, and there’s perhaps no better bicycle to get around on than this.

I’m well and truly smitten by the awesomely named Velorbis Studine Classic Balloon. Its ivory frame is elegantly simple. It comes with a Brooks leather saddle that’s comfy whilst you’re on it and pretty to look at when you’re not.

And it has a big wicker basket and stylish, coordinating brown tyres. When I’m riding my boring commuter bike, I’m daydreaming about being on this one. At £550 it’s not cheap, but I’d enjoy it for a lifetime.

Of course, if I owned such a fabulous bike I’d have to look at my very best sitting on it, which may mean a little accessories shopping. I’d start off with this super cute helmet by Japanese designer, Sawako Furuno, exclusively for Bobbin Bicycles. The deep blue colour and white blossoms are elegant but pretty and make me smile. A helmet I’d be pleased for people to see me in, at last.
I’d match it up with this satchel from Cath Kidston. As well as being the perfect 2010 shape, it’s everything a cyclist needs: it has heaps of space for stashing your essentials, plenty of pockets for finding things easily, and it leaves your hands free for safe cycling. Best of all, it won’t make you look like a bike courier. Perfect.

Cycling: the coolest summer transport and now the best shopping excuse around.

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