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Friday 25 June 2010

Hang it all: cool coat hangers

It's a slightly sad confession but I felt like a grown up the day I took all my clothes off the plastic Tammy Girl hangers they were used to and put them on wood hangers instead. Though that was certainly an improvement, I'm wondering whether the time has come to upgrade again - after all if you're going to put pretty clothes in your wardrobe, you may as well put them on pretty things in your wardrobe, right? So I began a little internet snooping and it turns out there's a whole niche world of coat hangers out there I never knew existed. The trouble is they're too stylish to cover up.

These hangers have been covered with lovely colourful papers (just make sure they don't clash with your clothes). They're also those clamp hangers so useful, if like me, you've got a bit of a skirt obsession. They cost $15 from The Papered Crown's Etsy shop.

I'm simply raven about this design for a hanger. It's made by Ingibjorg Hanna from painted wood and costs £27 from Beyond the Valley.

Yes, I did pick this example as part of my ongoing obsession with things that have my name on them. I'm partly excused though as it's made by Etsy seller LilaFrances who specializes in personalised hangers. Pay $17.50 and she'll make a hanger bearing a name or word of your choosing. Wire hangers aren't so kind on your clothes so I'd buy this for showing off purposes only.

One of those gifts for someone you know who has everything, the crème-de-la-crème of the coat hanger world has to be this model featuring a laser cut version of the London skyline. The wow factor is reflected in the price, £44 from the Showhome shop.

When your hangers are this stylish the problem is that you clearly need to get the clothes to match. Treat it as another great excuse to go shopping...

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