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Wednesday 16 June 2010

Dream Dresses: Miss Selfridge Candy Striped Dress

Well there's nothing subtle about this stripy dress, is there? Anything that manages to be bright and fun, as well as being far too sexy for it's own good is definitely something that I want in my wardrobe. And I must have this dress immediately. Sometimes things like 'being hugely impractical' and 'goes with nothing else I own' can just shoo.

The bubble skirt is huge, which makes me love it even more. I'm not sure where I'd wear this, but I'm pretty sure I'd try and get away with wearing it everywhere. Even to the corner shop. It's £45 from Miss Selfridge. I bet by the time this post goes live, there's one less in stock.


  1. Worse than sold out, the link isnt working! eek!x

  2. I know, their server is down by the looks of things :-(

    Of course, this could just be my wicked ploy to buy it before anyone else...

  3. Argh! I want this dress! And the whole of Arcadia must be tweaking their sites - Miss S, Topshop and Dorothy Perkins are all the same - downtime errors.

    Must. Have. Dress.

  4. I think Ive just seen the dress in the sale in Miss Selfridge. Didnt see the price but probably on the website too


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