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Thursday 17 June 2010

A Brush with Science

Now, I'm not the most scientifically-minded person in the world ("what is the internet? Is it a giant cloud?", "HOW does the moon affect the tides?", "describe wind for me"...) but I do like things that make cleaning more fun. Cleaning is so boring that a lot of the time, I just don't bother doing it. But after a while that annoys the other people living in Sluttery HQ.

What we really need are robots to do cleaning for us. And now there is one! Hurrah! Those clever guys at the Science Museum obviously read Domestic Sluttery because they've invented Mr. Cleaning Brush Robot. He's a bit like a giant KinderEgg toy (y'know, when they used to be good) and once you've put all the parts together, painted him and given him a name, he'll do your sweeping up for you with 'robotic efficiency'. Or, he'll scare the cat.

He's £15 and he's not quite advanced enough to do your laundry yet, but it's a start. A very promising start to never having to do housework again. Well done, Science types. Well done.

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