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Friday 4 June 2010

Lazing on a sunny afternoon

If my garden was bigger than a post-it note, I'd be buying a hammock right this second. They're so much fun! Swingy swinging, cosy napping, and erm... wrapping up your friends when they're engrossed in their book. Hammocks are brilliant. I like these:

This lovely hammock is from The White Company. Everything they do is fabulous. Classy, timeless and elegant. I imagine I'd spill sangria on this within five minutes of putting it up. If you're less clumsy, you can buy it for £45.

Now this Graham & Green hammock is very cool. Don't have two trees to tie your hammock to? No need! This comes with trees! Fabulous idea. And only £120.

This stripy hammock from Berry Red is a bit more of a bargain. It's only £19.95. Yes, those are chickens in the background.

Can I go and play in the sunshine now please?


  1. I love the Graham and Green hammock so much I'm currently trying to work out if it could work as a weird couch in my bedroom. Failing that I may buy it for my parents if only so on the three sunny days Scotland gets I can trek to Mum and Dad's and swing on it. It's so gorgeous! Damn my little flat which only has a tiny roof garden :(

    I would feel like a majestic princess who had washed up on some faraway land that alas had no trees :( but then I'd meet a scruffy handsome man with a fetish for Graham and Green furniture, and we'd spend our days swinging heavenly away on our beautiful treeless hammock...

  2. Our garden isn't big enough for it either :-( one day...


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