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Wednesday 23 June 2010

Wallpaper Wednesday: London Skyline

Now, Discount Interiors might not be the prettiest website you'll ever see us recommend. But I am very taken with this London skyline wallpaper. It's so well done. All painted in grey, it's actually pretty sophisticated, and just muted enough to cover a whole room. The little red and blue flags and telephone boxes are a really charming little touch. I like this a lot and think this has appeal even if you don't live in a the capital.

Best of all? It's £7.99. I'm not sure if that's for a roll, or if it's in sheets, but at £7.99 it's one of the cheapest wallpapers I've found.


  1. Ha, this is amazing, I need some New York skyline wallpaper for work. This has it. You are GENIUS. Just saved me some googling there!

  2. NY skyline paper at :{35}233

    I'm going to get a roll of each and frame a section of each as posters :-)

  3. Its amazing been looking for something like that for my bathroom! What a great website! Oh inspiration guys! thank you! xx

  4. lindsey Roberts1 July 2010 at 16:29

    Oh have you seen the skull wall paper! AMAZING!

  5. this website is amazing.. the price is for a 10 meter roll!!!
    I've just ordered wallpaper from my whole house.. much cheaper than anywhere else I have found.
    Also when I rang up to confirm stock the lady explained they were having a full website rebuild and it sounds great, it's going to use your room and place the wallpaper into it.. I get excited about wallpaper!


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