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Tuesday, 29 June 2010

I love geeks t-shirt by Kate Garey

Ah, geek love. Is there anything sweeter than two short-sighted individuals overcoming their shyness to find love? Signal your allegiance to the geek cause with this I love geeks t-shirt by Kate Garey.

This t-shirt professes its love with pride. It's illustrated with a cute depiction of a blushing and blissfully happy, hand-holding, geek chic couple. And because it's made from cotton, it'll be as kind on your skin as you know the duo will be to each other.

All  you need to do is pop it on, accessorize with specs or a laptop or both, and then head down to the local library or indie disco. Hopefully some similarly minded soul will get the message and Cupid can take it from there. Currently on sale for £25, it seems a small price to pay for true love.


  1. Stop posting things that I love today! That's adorable. I don't know if I can get away with it now I'm 30, but I might try.

  2. Adorable, but talk about heteronormative!

  3. this is totally hot, I'm buying one

  4. Love it! I'm going to buy a matching set for my hubby and me.

  5. Awfully Cute:-)


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