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Friday 11 June 2010

Dream Dress: Sailor Stripe Dress

What is it about the nautical trend? It never seems to go anywhere, and instead just resurfaces year after year. They say all the girls love a sailor, and as you know, putting anchors on items from cushions to shoes is usually surefire way to make me get all excited, but lately I've been getting a bit bored of nautical stripes. Until I saw this stripy sailor bow dress. With the retro collar, it looks almost vintage, and the elasticated waistband and cotton fabric make it comfortable and flattering for summer.

It's £54, from Lunacy Boutique. I love it, but what do you think? Is it time we put the sailor outfits to bed once and for all, or will you be saying "Aye, aye captain!" for some time to come yet?


  1. I do love a Breton stripe but that's a bit too full-on nautical for me. However that website is dangerous and I now want this gorgeous bird-print number:

    Why are all the nice dresses so expensive??

  2. I'm starting to favour the darker side of nautical, stepping away from the cute bows and anchors... I, like you, am getting a bit bored. I like it monochrome with a military twist. I'm also trying to start the nautical/pirate trend (lol) but I'm as yet unsure how to go about it. A hook for a hand isn't a good look. Maybe just stripes with lots of skull and cross bone accessories? And a nasty snarl?

  3. It's *too* sailoresque for me. I like to nod to the trend, without people mistaking me for being in fancy dress.

  4. My best friend got me this for my birthday last year:

    It's a subtle but quirky nod to Piratehood, which I team with stripey tops, denim shorts and chunky wedges!


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