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Thursday 10 June 2010

Coles Corner: Claire Coles mug

The house of my dreams is decorated by Claire Coles. Her work is made by sewing together vintage wallpapers to create wonderfully intricate new designs for walls. Their beauty actually makes me go a little weak at the knees. However both my budget and the T&Cs of my rental agreement means that this dream is a long way off becoming a reality. So, until then, I'm investing in her mug.

It's decorated with a pretty design of roses, butterflies and bees which runs all the way around the mug. Although the illustration is in 2D, it goes some of the way to illustrating some of the texture, pattern and craftsmanship that goes into her out-of-my-price-league 3D pieces - you can see where the stitches would go. It manages to give some potentially twee subject matter a fresh and contemporary feel.

The mug costs £15 which is well within my real life budget. And I think it's the perfect vessel for indulging in a nice drop of Rose Garden tea.

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  1. I really like seeing Claire's work at Cockpit studios. Her cards are gorgeous.


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