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Friday 4 June 2010

Bag Lust: Ollie & Nic Tote

We've gone a bit Ollie & Nic crazy recently (well, if the insist on inventing an apple shaped handbag, what do you expect?). They're doing some amazing stuff at the moment and they've finally ended my longstanding pretty laptop bag search. It's taken the best part of two years.

This isn't really a laptop bag. it's just the perfect shape for laptops (mine is 15" and it fits just fine). And so very pretty! Big enough for all of my crap very important stuff and very swish indeed. Lots of pockets too. And very pretty lining. It's not leather (so it was only £60) but it's a damn good lookylikey.

Might take my laptop in my pretty laptop bag and go and work under a tree in the park.

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