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Thursday 17 June 2010

Sluttishly Easy: Emergency Cheesecakes

You never know quite when you're going to need to make a some people, it's the ultimate comfort food and for others it's the only desert for summer. Others just enjoy the cathartic action of smashing the merry hell out of a packet of biscuits...

But sometimes there simply isn't time for the ceremony of Heston's recipe, and one has to improvise. This idea for express cheesecakes does come out looking a bit 1970s dinner party, but don't let that put you off: the taste more than makes up for its appearance and you can always fall back on the old 'I was being ironic' line. You can also successfully make it with purely low-fat ingredients, but we'd never endorse an idea like that.

Preparation time: 10-15 minutes (experienced sluts will do it in less)

Here's what you'll need

200g tub of soft cheese (low fat works)
200g tub of Greek yoghurt (low fat also works)
3 tbsp caster sugar
a few drops of vanilla essence
85g Crunchy biscuits (ginger works best!)
2 tbsp of Good quality strawberry jam
Fresh Strawberries

And here's what you need to do with them

1. It's biscuit smashing time! Place the biscuits on a chopping board (in a bag if you don't like mess) and smash them with a rolling pin till they turn into rough crumbs.

2. Share out the crumbs into four wine glasses or small bowls

3. Mix together the soft cheese and Greek yoghurt in a bowl. Once it's turned into a creamy paste, start to add the sugar while continuing to stir. Add the vanilla essence.

4. Spoon the cheese mixture evenly over the biscuit crumbs in the glasses

5. Next, chop up enough strawberries for 1-2 per glass, depending on size. Put these to one side, and stir the jam for a minute or two in a bowl so it's nice and smooth (I used St. Dalfour jam, as it has a runnier consistency than most). Add the strawberry bits.

6. Spoon the strawberry/jam mixture on to the top of the 'cakes' and as if by magic, you've made cheesecake.

Chill before serving.


  1. "Emergency Cheesecake" is the best phrase ever.

  2. I'm going to try this with gluten free biscuits :)

  3. Love it...It's also an excuse to invest in some suitably lovely wine glasses...We all need Emergency Cheesecake glasses, non?

  4. I know of a simpler way. You crush the cookies, whip the soft cheese with caster sugar and a bit of lemon juice (to give it that cheesecake tang)then pile it up onto the biscuit base. I think the jam might be a little sicky, to be honest. You could always just serve it with fresh fruit or use chocolate chip cookies for the base and shaved chocolate for the decoration.


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