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Thursday 10 June 2010

Vintage Typewriter at Present & Correct

I had an old typewriter when I was a kid. I'd bash at in until my parents were really really angry with the noise, but I love that thing. Unfortunately, my perfectionism mixed with bad typing skills meant I'd often get angry when I wrote 'splidge' instead of 'splodge' (for example) and have to start again on a new page.

But I love vintage typewriters these days. Sure, they're not the handiest of things (they're lacking that email function for a start), but there's something nice about going back to basics. That's why I write with good ol' pen and paper sometimes. Besides, this 1950s Olivetti typewriter from Present & Correct is a really very pretty. It's £140. Just make sure you've got some Tippex handy.


  1. You should do a blog that's entirely written on a typewriter!

    I designed a blog for a friend that's completely hand written (each post is scanned in) and it looks great.

  2. Oh that sounds fun! Or, they could cheat and use this nifty little font creator:

  3. Ah, but then she couldn't doodle pretty pictures at the same time.. :) the blog.

  4. Ohhh such a good idea Dom - im going over to have a look now!

    LOVING typewrites too! such a GORG thing to own!


  5. That's pretty amazing Dom, I'd love to see it!

    It'd be a killer for SEO though surely?

  6. I posted the URL above -

    And yes, you're right. There's not a lot of SEO going on - she just relies on regular readership and people saying "ooh!" and subscribing when they do find it.


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