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Thursday 24 June 2010

Deck Chair Delights

Honestly, I'm typing this inside (albeit whilst watching the tennis) and thinking 'all I want to do is go and lounge in my garden!' But before I can do that, I need some funk deck chairs. Otherwise the ants will bite me.

Stripy deck chairs remind me of my childhood. This one from John Lewis is £25.

The perfect place for the 'Keep calm and carry on' slogan.I'll carry on sitting in the sun and drinking Pimms. That'll keep me very calm. This one is pricey though. it's £135 from Pedlars.

Like these? My favourite is the Union Jack chair, but they're all £25 from Next Home. Bargain.

What is it about London motifs that work so well in design? This underground map chair is £25 from The Balcony Gardener.

Now I just need someone to make me some iced tea.

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