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Monday 7 June 2010

Book Review: Keep Calm and Drink Up

At last! A book of advice for these troubled times that Domestic Sluttery can wholeheartedly get behind. Keep Calm and Drink Up is published by Summersdale, and is a solemn plain hardback with a sensible typeface on the front cover. The kind that makes you feel confident about following its advice. Inside however, is a selection of proverbs, quips and quotes from everyone from Plato to Napoleon Bonaparte to Oscar Wilde, showing that there really is wit and wisdom to be found at the bottom of a glass.

Whilst it might seem a strange purchase to buy for yourself, the pocket-book-sized format and the illuminating range of historic figures who've been quoted make it a fun gift for your tipple-loving nearest and dearest. And if you favour a more hysterical response to current affairs than sighing philosophically and having another glass of wine, there's also a sister book, Now Panic and Freak Out, with quotes from similar household names about keeping calm in a crisis, madness and the strange eccentricities and sayings of world leaders. They're £4.99 each, from Amazon.

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  1. I love quirky little books like this! When I'm a proper grown-up, I'll have a little collection in my bathroom.


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