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Thursday 24 June 2010

Lovely Lighting: Cable and Cotton

There's something wonderfully whimsical and magical about these Cable & Cotton Bethan Lights. The idea is a simple one, since they're just cotton balls in a range of pastel colours, supplied with string of fairy lights and loops of cable to attach one to the other. But the finished article is rather stunning in a colourful fairytale sort of way. They come in a presentation gift box containing 35 cotton spheres and the other bits and bobs, and the globes can then be arranged along the string of lights in any pattern or colour combination that your heart desires. Loop them around a headboard or arrange them in an unused fireplace, and they'll provide a colourful focal point even when the lights aren't on, and a gorgeous warn glow when they are. They're only £29.95, from Illustrated Living.

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