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Thursday 10 June 2010

Sluttery Poll: What's your favourite dessert?

It's pretty much a given that dessert is fantastic. It's rare I'll leave dessert, and there aren't many that I'll turn down (although I'm not a fan of a souffle). But there's always a favourite, isn't there? The one that you'll make when you're blue, the one that you get excited about seeing on the menu before you've ever decided on your main course. They're the best desserts, aren't they? Tarte au Citron is my favourite, I'm powerless before it.

Tell us what your favourite type of dessert is in the poll below!

Flickr image from miss karen's photostream.


  1. I will judge a place on the quality of its créme brulée. With you on the tarte au citron too. Or I could go for something chocolatey.

    Or just every pudding on the menu so long as there's no raisins! I know that some restaurants do mini selections so you can have a bit of everything!

  2. I wanted to vote for EVERY pudding. I'm such a greedy piglet. Seriously though. All of them.

    Wonder if I could open a pudding tapas place. Then you'd never have to choose...

  3. It's strange given that I can't drink coffee, but my favourite dessert (at least at the moment) is tiramisu. Can't get enough of it!

  4. Sticky toffee pudding, with vanilla ice cream.

    Or warm chocolate brownie with ice cream, or in a good sundae. Or creme brulee. Or when you go to really fancy places and they have a "chocolate plate" type thing that has all different chocolate puddings (the best one I ever had had a shot of hot chocolate with rum, that was so rich my boyfriend and I could barely finish it between us).

  5. I used to be a pastry chef but I'm always impressed when I go to a restaurant and they have a savoury option on the dessert menu (I don't have a sweet tooth!). So I'd always go for cheese or, at St John, their Welsh Rarebit. The best dessert I ever had was there - Eccles cake with Lancashire cheese. I sometimes dream about it, and it was almost ten years ago that I first tried it.

  6. Vanilla Ice Cream

    A single espresso

    Pour coffee over ice cream

    Serve with an amaretto on ice


    Perfect dessert!


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