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Friday 18 June 2010

Picnic time: Picnic Plate Picks For Every Budget!

Whether you're coming to the Sluttery Picnic on Saturday or planning your own picnic funtimes, alongside the food, what you eat it off is equally as important. Unless you like sharing from one tupperware box.

Picnics with your friends are best when they're cheap and cheerful and you don't get much more cheap than Poundland who can supply you with this set for the grand total of £8 to cover 6 people.If you're after something a little prettier, you could do worse than buying a few of these plates from Dobbies. They're only 83p each!

Feeling a little more flush? This set for four people from John Lewis is £45 but includes everything you need bar the food. It even comes with a cheese board.

Thinking of having a romantic picnic a deux? This Henley hamper from Picnicware has space for a bottle of wine which is all kinds of civilised.
And because you might want to show off some of your food creations, why not take along a cake stand? Truly Scrumptious make this lovely disposable (though I suspect reusable if it doesn't get hit by a frisbee) cake stand to hold your sarnies and cake!

Happy picnicking!

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