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Friday 25 June 2010

Flying the Flag: Being Patriotic in Style

It was news to me until all that hubbub earlier this week, but apparently, according to my colleagues who are more au fait than me with current affairs, there's some football going on at the moment (I know, who knew?). So, if you're feeling patriotic (but not quite enough to embrace the supermarket face paints and the oversized football t-shirts), then here's some bits and bobs to help you fly the flag without looking like an ever-so-unstylish hooligan:
These Union Jack shoesies by Irregular Choice feature a loveheart design on the toe in embroidered felt, and are available for £49.99 from Dolly Dagger.

Want your tootsies to colour-coordinate with your cushions? Then look no further than this pop art cushion, £68 from Jan Constantine.

Like a more subtle nod to patriotic proceedings? This ceramic cupcake pin cushion ought to do it. It's £11 from Lauren Ceramics on Folksy.
Continuing with the theme of supporting queen and country with crafty endeavours, there's also this Union Jack knitting needle case, £15 from Nicsknots, also on Folksy.
Being forced into watching the football and determined to get a new dress out of it? Any excuse. But this red and white number should do the trick. It's £50 from Collectif. Sullen tempers caused by own goals, red cards or missed penalties thankfully not included.


  1. The shoes are gorgeous - I love Irregular Choice but I think I must have irregular feet as my toes are very jammed into their shoes! Doesn't stop me wearing them though....

  2. Really, I must be the opposite as I find them comfier than a lot of other brands. I think they're slightly broader and shorter than standard sizes, so if you have stumpy wide feet like me, they're perfect!


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