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Tuesday 29 June 2010

Cupboard Lust: Maxwell & Williams Newsprint French Fries and Sauce Cups

You know what they say: today's headlines are just tomorrow's fish and chips paper. Well, what better way to pay homage to that proverb than with these ceramic newsprint chips and sauce cups from Maxwell & Williams?

Designed to look just like they're wrapped in newspaper fresh from the chippy, but with a classy ceramic twist, they're only £7.5o for both, and will be sure to cause a stir when you dish them up to your dinner guests. If you've always steered clear of including oven chips when you're entertaining (because, come on, sometimes they're the perfect side dish, whether or not they're seen as sophisticated), these will have you thinking again.

If you're not so sure about the newspaper pattern design, they're available in plain white, and if you're not one for french fries, then they'd be equally suitable for ice-cream, maybe with berry compote in the small sauce cup. Get yours for £7.50 from Amazon.

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