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Friday 18 June 2010

Outfit pick: Picnic Perfect

In honour of this weekend's Domestic Sluttery picnic, my outfit pick really couldn't be anything other than a picnic ensemble, could it?

Living up to my tradition of dressing like I'm wearing a costume rather than an outfit, I decided to go totally predictable with this one. We stasrt a bargain gingham sundress (also available in pink) worn over a pretty cotton petticoat, so hopefully there'll be a cheeky flash around the bust and hem. This is teamed with a clashing floral print denim jacket. Normal denim would have looked a bit too 'prairie chic' for my liking, so adding a clashing (but fairly subtle) print gives it a bit of edge and stops it being quite so twee.The look is finished off with some gingham plimsolls, because as much as I love sandals and heels, when you're lugging a picnic basket halfway across a slightly muddy Regent's Park, you need practical footwear. Lacy socks are, of course, completely optional!

Gingham sundress £8 from New Look
White petticoat slip £20 from Oasis
Floral print denim jacket £45 from Topshop
Gingham patch detail plimsolls £30 Babycham at Very
Luxury picnic basket £150 from John Lewis

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