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Wednesday 2 November 2011

Etsy Pick: Late To The Revolution Crochet Headphones

I read somewhere recently that old skool "cans" aka big ass headphones were making a comeback. But of course they are. All those cool kids need to make themselves known somehow now that everyone is wearing jeans that could potentially kill you by cutting off your blood flow. I am a long way past being a cool kid and when my cans came to a sticky end a few years ago, I somehow never got round to replacing them which is a shame. Plus, the ones I had were discontinued or only available on import from Japan which was a bit pricey and I couldn't find any that were quite right.

I would happily rock these headphones from Late To The Revolution though. Crochet! Bows! Pretty colours!

They'd keep your ears warm too which is an excellent bonus for days when you don't want to wear a hat.

Bows not your thing? Fox ears, my friend, fox ears.

Or you could just have snuggly plain ones. They're equally lovely.

Prices range between about £22 to £26 depending on the exchange rate on the day. Shipping is about £9.50 which makes them less than £40 which is enough of a bargain for me!

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  1. They're like earmuffs, but headphones! Snuggly music. How clever.


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