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Thursday 3 November 2011

Novel designs for your home

Reading IS sexy. It's true. Sarah Utter told us so last week but, if further proof is required, cast your eye over this bounty of book-related goodies which have been making me all hot under the collar. There's no question that a well-stocked bookshelf makes a room look better (just ask Kat), so think of these products as the perfect happy ending.

When I saw this Postcards from Ladybird box, I whooped with joy and then wondered why it took them so long. We've been crushing on the Ladybird notebooks and their mugs for years, so it's great to see a hundred of their best designs brought together. For £14.99, admire them, frame them, or send them to your friends to ask them exactly which one of Cinderella's gowns was their favourite in the Ladybird book (I favoured the blue one, you?). 

More beautiful than even one of Cinder's frocks is the genuine fake bookshelves wallpaper panel. Exquisitely illustrated by Marina Vandel, it shows a selection of children's book jackets. With added chic points for some of the French titles (Vandel is French), file it next to the Very Hungry Caterpillar stickers in your wallpaper sample book. You can buy it for 50 euros from The Collection

For roughly the same price as the Domestic Sluttery book on Amazon, or £9, you can buy the Book Lover's tea towel by Mr PS from To Dry For. From Horror to Romance, as it says, this tea towel has the lot. You'll just need to put your book for long enough to admire it. 


  1. I'm definitely adding the Ladybird postcards to my Christmas list!

  2. Pretty! Duly ordered.


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