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Thursday 3 November 2011

Putting on the Glitz: flapper fashion

Well, hullo. As you'll have probably noticed, we've been really Jazz Age-ing up this week on the site with trips on the Orient Expressmartini jellies and smelling of gin. Siany even found you the perfect 20s-style dress earlier in the week. To keep those good times rolling, I've spent some time tracking down the perfect flapper-inspired accessories to wear with your dress (and your gin). The glitz and glamour of the period is a perpetual favourite on the high street in the festive season, so there's plenty of options for any wannabe thoroughly modern Millies.

One rule: Don't wear these all at once as you'll look like you are going to a fancy dress party.

The exception to this rule is that if you are going to a fancy dress party, you absolutely should pile them all on - you'll look ravishing!

In the Domestic Sluttery book, Sarah gives some invaluable advice on buying vintage clothing from all eras. You'll have to buy the book to take advantage of them all, but I'll share one of her tips for the 20s: bags. They're still around and still reasonably priced. Take this bag which is genuine twenties, completely gorgeous and, at time of writing, going for £23.83 on Ebay. The auction closes in the early hours of Friday morning so act quick if you want it. Alternatively, French Connection have the embellished clutch bag that's pictured for £75. I advise you to read another section of our book - the Drunken Accessories guide - before purchase though.

Next step: hair. Like most things, hair always looks better with a bit of glitter on it. Yulia Kunze's reworking of historical jewels into new pieces are stunning and one of kind - with the price tag to match. The example pictured is £250. For a cheaper alternative, My Wardrobe have this lust worthy Paisley headband by Deepa Gurnani headband on sale for £37 (was £75).

Feel a bit worried about exposing your arms in a skimpy dress? That's where a pretty cape will help you out (plus you'll get to feel like a sparkly superhero which is always fun). Topshop have the above dinky number for £75, while New Look is offering this bargain of a beaded shrug for £26.99.

Finally, if you are going to dance the night away you'll be in need of a good pair of dancing shoes. Size 4? Make sure you bid on these silk numbers within the next week. The gold numbers shown above are from ASOS, will do the job just as well and go up to a size 8. They're £75.

So that's you all dressed-up! Go out and dance the Charleston, stay in and read a good Agatha Christie, or sit back and enjoy the look in action:

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  1. Heh, just realised that I linked to the very same bag in my French Connection piece today - it's really very cool.


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