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Friday 6 January 2012

Hot Squash Thermals

If you are in the UK right now you are probably being bashed about a bit by the wind and rain and general misery that is commonly known as January. But rather than succumb to the January blues, I like to find my simple pleasures where I can. One such pleasure is being warm, and another is wearing as many brightly coloured clothes as possible (sometimes all at once). This is where the Hot Squash thermal top comes in handy. There is some fancy pants technology that makes the fabric toasty and the simple details in the design make this a little more exciting than your average thermal long johns. 

I gave this Grecian Goddess top a whirl and I was pleased to find it is very long in the torso, so ideal for the tall girls out there, and excellent for tucking into your jeans. The colour is really vibrant which I really like, and I have styled it up in various ways. Layering is obviously your best bet with thermals, but this top is perfectly fine as a top on it's own. It costs £45.99 is also available in pure white.


  1. I was given a Hot Squash top for Christmas, but it had a huge ruffle which was a bit off-putting. Hoping to change it for a plain one, it felt so cosy!

  2. It's defo getting colder at the moment! This could be ideal to combat it!


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